L'Oréal Alumni Association

Most of the association:

In addition to social networks(ing?), it is an organization of friendliness and sharing ideas.
– Events take place several times a year: meeting cocktails, alumni creativity workshops on discovering a business…
– There is a reserved directory of the members of the association.

Official documents at your disposal :

The L’OREAL ALUMNI Association reunites people who worked in France or abroad for the L’Oréal group.
Its objectives are:
• Promoting professional friendships and sharing experiences,
• Nurturing and developing ideas and themes related to the organization and management of the company.

4 Pillars:
• A friendly atmosphere and enjoyment meeting one another,
• Enrichment by sharing knowledge and “success stories”,
• The spirit of helping one another for those who are looking for new business opportunities, or developing ideas,
• The “Alumni attitude” based on exchange and caring without imposing on members or by using their personal data for commercial purposes.

A tripod underpins our: simplicity, efficiency, sympathy.

The members of the association meet 5 to 6 times a year at cocktail networking meetings with thematic workshops around business alumni speakers.
An online directory is available on the Association’s website.
News and discussions are followed online in the LinkedIn group.

Suivez L'Oréal Alumni Association sur LinkedIn

Office team:

• Nathalie Lambert-Badguerahanian, Founder and President
• Edith Lemercier, General Secretary
• Serge Nguyen, Treasurer

Assistant : Fabienne Rousseau contact@lorealalumni.com



  • Événements : Guy Perier – Helen Farrow
  • Golf: Grégoire Cabri Wiltzer
  • Communication : Valérie Ogé
  • Career Dynamics : Marie-Eve de Mont-Marin
Guy-Perier-carrée84x84  Helen Farrow
Valérie Ogé
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